B1A4 - I'm Already in Love!

Manhwa-idol concept and it pays off.

The latest to hit the idol scene in the recent overflow of new idol bands is B1A4. The name itself isn't very telling, except that one of the members has an "B" blood type and the other four have "A" types. It also has to do with "five forming as one" or some other nonsense. Names aren't everything, as SHINee and U-KISS will attest to (ubiquitous, really?). And this group is no different. I haven't been this impressed since Infinite! Talent, good looks, and catchy tunes: their entire album is a must have!

The gimmick behind this band is the idea of "manhwa (or manga) idols", and the boys were even initially released in manhwa form. Surprisingly, the art is lacking. But to finally see them in action is a totally different thing. Their debut single, "OK" is upbeat and just plain awesome, not in an overly saccharine sort of way that a lot of recent idol releases have been. I can't say how they will do live, but I have my hopes up!

Details on the boys aren't yet available (at least to me), although (noona alert!) they range from '92-'94 (or 19-17, respectively). I have a feeling these guys are going to be everywhere very soon, like BEAST or MBLAQ. They are as good looking as they are good artists, and usually it doesn't work that way with these new bands. I could gush forever, but check out their MV below. Also, try the whole damn CD: it's fantastic!

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