Momo.Psycho is...

momo (hiragana もも)
  1. : a peach 
  2. 桃色 (ももいろ, momo iro); pink; or literally "peach colored"
Psycho (/ˈsaɪkoʊ/)

psycho (comparative more psycho, superlative most psycho)
  1. (colloquial or pejorative) Psychotic, or otherwise insane.


psycho (plural psychos)

    1. (pejorative, slang) A person who is psychotic or otherwise insane.
The loony bin up on the hill is full of psychos.
    2. (pejorative, slang) A person who acts in a bizarre or dangerous manner.
She complained that he was a psycho for driving at such a high speed in heavy traffic

What Momo.Psycho really is...
It's a blog about everything, sometimes too much and sometimes too little. Here you will find information and reviews on everything and more than listed below:
*Kpop and Asian Entertainment
*Food and Restaurants
*TV and Movies
*News and Politics
*Zombies and the Apocalypse
*Fresno and Central Valley Stuff
*Photography and Art
*Industrial and Metal
*App and Technology
*Lovecraft and Horror

1. How can I be a contributor?
We are always looking for contributors! If you are interested please email us and tell us why you are interested and what you would want to write about. All of the categories above are open to multiple people, or feel free to suggest something. The purpose of this blog is be a dynamic writing reservoir for everyone to use. There is no pay, God knows we don't make any money either, but it is a low key thing, no real deadlines...it's self driven!

2. How do I become an affiliate?
Easily, just email us! Send your blog address and a little info about the blog so we know why you want to be associated with our crazy asses. Any blog is welcome, just nothing associated with promoting hate or violence. Please, admins only.

Please do! The comments are monitored for spam and flames. Creative flames will be left for sake of hilarity, but please avoid typical stuff like "jew" and "slut". It's not original and is just stupid. Don't feed the trolls.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments?
send them here: momopsycho@gmail.com