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The Completed Universe


The Tree

Looking through the mist, I spot something that could almost be out of the pages of Lovecraft's "The Tree".
Night Owl Series: The Fog


How to drink like the Irish

Because, on this one auspicious day a year, you too can disguise your alcoholism as Irish heritage.


Corporate Republicans: "Dizzy with Success"

"But the successes have their seamy side, especially when they are attained with comparative “ease” — “unexpectedly” so to speak. Such successes sometimes induce a spirit of vanity and conceit: “We can achieve anything!”, “There is nothing we can’t do!” People not infrequently become intoxicated by such successes; they become dizzy with success, loose all sense of proportion and the capacity to understand realities; they show a tendency to overrate their own strength and to underrate the strength of the enemy..."
-J. Stalin

METAL MONDAYS: "Awaken" - Dethklok

Metal Mondays featuring the most metal band ever...Dethklok!


Sara shouldn't drink Mello Yello

Enjoy this exert from the 3/3/11 episode of RitterTALK where Sara explains her problems with Mello Yello.


Take From My Hand

I went for a very long walk and wound up at the park. The third photo is the best of the three (in my opinion). It was a cool moment.