This blog uses the cupcake rating system for all reviews. It's quite simple and works on a scale of 1-5. Why cupcakes? Because they are awesome and I can exercise whatever arbitrary power I want over the blog. MWAHAHAHA! Ahem, the scale is as follows:

= terrible, intolerable, un-listenable, un-edible, run, never come here or see this
 = passable, not great, not memorable, bleh

= acceptable, good, effort was made, could be of interest to some, average

= very good, above average, tasty, memorable, worth checking out, most will like

= amazing, cut above the rest, original, trendsetter, maverick, hit repeat

Note: This rating system is used for the review of: restaurants and food, apps, games, movies, television shows, music, and general entertainment; so the actual meaning of the rating will be explained in the article itself.