I don't like your honesty Mr. Pilot

I don't know him but I bet he's a jerk too.

Okay so I'm at the Salt Lake City, Utah airport waiting for my flight and to my dismay the flight is delayed. This of course is upsetting to me since I've been gone from home and wife for 2 weeks and waiting longer then I have to is disappointing. Well no explanation is really given for the delay. The lady at the desk just says she'll keep passengers updated every 30 minutes (which is a lie). So I wait and the time keeps changing. I ask the desk lady and she just mentions something about the crew. Okay. So I'm stuck waiting for a flight that should have left at 3:15pm and it's now 6:20pm.

So now we finally get permission to board. Finally. I hate flying so I really just want to get this 1 hour 45 minute flight out of the way. I get on the plane put my bag in the overhead and sit. The other passengers board and we're ready to go. But oh ho here's the pilot with a little announcement.
Pilot: "Hey folks sorry for the delay did they tell you what was going on"?
   Me: "No, not really"
Pilot: "Well we had some electrical failure and a generator failed so we had to fix that"
Wait what the fuck did this guy just tell me? Did he just inform me that a little more then 3 hours ago this plane that I'm now sitting on was broken? Not cool pilot. I really didn't need that info guy. I already hate flying and now I'm fucking worried that I'll be making a quick drop and a sudden stop somewhere over Nevada. Fuck you pilot why couldn't you have told me you simply forgot your plane keys in your other pants and they were at the dry cleaners and your wife couldn't pick them up because she's an alcoholic. That would have pissed me off a little but at least I wouldn't be fearing for my life. Fuck you, you pilot douche.

Not only that pilot but did you fucking forget when to land? I've been on several flights thanks to the National Guard and I've never had a pilot decide that the planed needed to tilt so much to descend. Did you forget when the appropriate time to descend was and now you were trying to make up time? And what was with the wing wiggling? I fucking hate you Mr. Pilot.

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