REVIEW: Heart Village: Adorable Frozen Yogurt for Fair Prices

Is that rainbow mochi? Hells yes...


Heart Village is a cute little self-serve yogurt place located on Willow and Herndon in Clovis. It pays homage to the cute yogurt places in Chinatown or Japantown. From great service and yummy flavors, you really can't go wrong. Did I mention they are cheap?

The atmosphere is quiet and clean, with cute colorful accents. The service is wonderful and friendly. As for the food, you guess it...it's amazing! The yogurt flavors feature traditional favorites like strawberry and chocolate, as well as tart. They also have more exotic flavors like Irish Mint, Pomegranate, Banana, and Cake Batter. All the flavors I've tried have been delicious: not too sweet, creamy, and satisfying. The toppings vary from things like fresh fruit to candy. Some of the highlights aside from the typical stuff like oreos and cherries include lychee, jelly (like in Boba drinks, not like the kind you put on toast), rainbow mochi (my favorite!), and melties. They also have a variety of syrups; prices are based on weight but are very cheap! I usually fill up and it costs around $4.

On top of all the great yogurt, they also carry cupcakes, that are at a discounted price if you buy yogurt. The building is surprisingly spacious, and I see people working on their laptops in their all the timed (free WiFi?). I really have to recommend this place if you are more health conscious and looking for a snack or are just tired of Yodiggity and TCBY.

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