Ignore Sarah Palin Week: Community Action at its simplist

You too can do great things...
"Left Action", a left leaning political website has proposed a petition for "Ignore Sarah Palin" week, scheduled for February 27 through March 5, 2011. While we all have so much fun making fun her, it suggests a very important point: if we ignore her, maybe she will go away. But what will we all talk about if we are ignoring her for a whole week. I'm sure Monday will be easy, maybe even Tuesday, but by Thursday...yeah, you get the point.

Here are a list of suggestions of things to distract us from Palin talk:
*Man Coulter
*Boehner and how he is turning into a carrot, and how his last name is suspiciously close to "boner"
*Bill O'Reilly and his fued with the Moon
*The Egyptian Revolution (yes, a serious one)

However it is important to note that certain topics should be avoided because they are just too tempting. These include but are not limited too: 
*The Tea Party
*Has-been beauty queens who have a college degree they didn't earn and think just because men thought they were interesting circa 1960 to get a BJ, they think their opinion on important things like politics matter...when they shouldn't even me debating over Palmolive and Dawn.

So whether it's that you want restored respect to the political sphere, you would like the republican party to be taken seriously again (although Palin is just one hole in that coat), or you are just damn tired of her bullshit; sign the petition, make and effort, and we can all join together to finally rid ourselves of the curse of Sarah Palin.

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