The Bewildered Liberal: What is Ed Schutlz's Problem Anyway?

We all know how Ed can be...but WTF?!

In late May, Ed Schultz referred to conservative She-Beast Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing slut" and a "news slut" on his radio show. Afterwards he offered a very sincere apology on his television program on MSNBC, after which he was on leave for two weeks. Here's the apology below:
At the beginning of the week, the Anthony Weiner scandal broke out. I've already said my piece about that, but apparently Mr. Schultz can't find enough to say about it. After going on a several-day-rampage about the nudie twitter pics, he's managed to honestly alienate much of his left base. He's been aggressive and unreasonable to his guests, even one who was an actual constituent of Weiner! He's been pushy and bombastic; but then again, this is Ed.

Unlike all the other times he has said radical and even polarizing things, this time it isn't so radical. As a matter of fact, he's acting quite conservative. And they have noticed. Praise from all sectors of the right have come in to congratulate him on his moral compass. It's not a surprise since Schultz has decided to act as a sort of Moral Cheka: determining in his own infinite wisdom what is wrong and what is not and executing said justice. Yes, he's figuratively taking Weiner down to the basement and shooting him in the head. Cue the cheers from the Right. Ed, your roots are showing.

Ed has a record of asking for the resignation of pretty much every other politician embroiled in a scandal, including Charley Rangel's tax evasion case. However, the absolutely stupidity of this whole case and his focus on it is confounding. Where is the Ed that is most worried about the middle class? You spoke your point, move on man! Nobody is asking him to change his mind, but his argumental nature when every other liberal on his show is disagreeing with him is just...well...Rush Limbaugh-esque. Weiner has to deal with what he's done, but what about Ed? What about the viewers he will never get back because of this? I wonder: does it bother him that the only people really supporting him are conservatives?

Ed, come back. You were a voice for the worker, and you were amazing during the Wisconsin ordeal. You are needed. We like that you can be a loudmouth: it's a good balance to the network. But you've gone too far off. Just drop it. You don't have control over Weiner anymore than you do over those who disagree with you.

So seriously man, WTF?

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  1. That apology was wonderfully sincere and honest... and that was the Ed I know. I am a bit lost with all of this Weiner stuff and him. Like I said, it seems to lack the sincerity I usually see in him. Maybe money is driving him? Some deal behind the scenes? I don't know and I pray not, because that makes it so much worse. I think Ed is a good person, but to me you cannot be a liberal and be so socially judgmental. I believe in a disconnect between someone's personal and professional life, period. So I would be a hypocrite to continue to patron Ed's shows and believe the way I do. I respect him, but I disagree, so I guess for now, this is where it ends. Maybe that will change, who knows? If he moves on to the real issues and stops aiding the right, maybe I'll drift back. But at this point, I'm doubtful.

    PS: The blog was wonderful, very moderate and insightful. You are an amazing writer :-)