Weiner's Weiner: Who cares?!

A powerful man was being indecent with a woman that isn't his wife...because that's never happened before.

I was going to over look Anthony Weiner's crotch shot, pec shot, etc, until this happened:
While watching Ed Schultz, something I do often, I was appaulled at how this was being handled by him. Frankly (to quote my girlfriend) he sounded like Rush Limbaugh. He pushed a moral issue when even Weiner's constituents were able to intelligently separate his personal life from his public record. My problem? Schultz was making a big deal of it, a moral issue that shouldn't matter with someone we don't even really know. Let me explain...

Weiner is among many who have, in the past, made an embarassing mistake. He did something I imagine many people do: he tweeted "suggestive" pictures. Is it a bad idea, yes. Is it especially a bad idea because you're a public figure? Yes, always. Is it really our business? No. Is it funny? Yes. Is it cause for moral outcry? Absolutely not. I have several problems with how this has turned out. Yes he lied: but he lied about something we should have NEVER been asking about. The fact that anybody, especially on the left, is giving Andrew Breitbart (the slimy dick he is) any attention about this is ridiculous. He's borderline blackmailing Weiner, and giving it the gusto I would expect from any raving lunatic. He even went as far as to say he's protecting himself from a "jihad" against Weiner. Ok Breitbart, since looking in a dictionary is too hard, here you are:


1.a holy war undertaken as a sacred duty by Muslims.
2.any vigorous, emotional crusade for an idea or principle.
Okay, now that we've defined the word, lets dissect it. First of all, Weiner isn't a Muslim so that one is right out the window. Now, I know he's dark enough to scare some white people, but he's actually Italian and Jewish...of course I suppose that's also scary to someone like Breitbart. So for the second definition: principles. He's fighting for the principles of his penis? Well, I guess that's probably a worthwhile cause for most men, and it does seem to be a very nice penis.

Going to back to the pictures. So he sent some pictures. I don't frankly care if he screwed these women! You want to know why? BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. We should be chuckling immaturely about how a guy named "Weiner" tweeted pics of his crotch, not making this into an ethics issue. Yes he lied, and he should apologize for that. When he lies about policy or what he's using money for, cool, knock him for that. Oh wait, that would just make him like every other politician. More importantly, to quote Boethius: "...offices don't have the power of planting virtue in the minds of those who hold them..." 

We don't have the right to morally judge another individual outside of their profession/public sphere. If he was breaking the law, as in having an affair with an under aged person, fine, arrest him, etc. If its found that he was using campaign money, etc, have him pay it back. If this blows up like the Ensign thing, then make him resign. At this point, it's a right-wing driven attack to remove a powerful liberal voice. Wait, what?! Republicans want a Democrat to resign?! No way! And the fact that this is being treated as "abnormal" behavior is really bizarre to me. Everyone does selcas and posts them to facebook and twitter, etc. It's the norm NOW in the 21st century. It's was a picture of his body, who cares? It's not like he was in a gimp suit or dressed as a furry or something. And even if he was, I still wouldn't care.

And people, you have to remember that this could've been so much worse. It could've been Chris Christie.

You think about that. 

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  1. Thank you! OMG, you are so brilliant and hit the nail on the head. This whole thing is being blown up to smear him politically. Just because he's a horn-dog doesn't mean he can't do his job! Ed really, REALLY disappointed me last night. I hope he changes his tune or tones it down, makes me think there is something more in it for him, I don't know. I like Weiner as a politician and I could care less about his personal life, the end. If he used time on the job or money inappropriatly, that should be dealt with appropriately. They let that fat-fuck Christie pay pack the money for the chopper ride, handle this the same way. It needs to be fair across the board. I'm tired of the right wing getting away with obscene shit and then chastising the left for average mishaps. I love how his behavior is being labeled "bizarre", really? LOL, there is nothing bizarre about sex via the internet, it's 2011, where have these morons been for the past decade?! Oh and Christie naked... thanks for making me loose my lunch, sick!