Music Mondays: Oomph! - "Labyrinth"

Run out of Rammstein? Oomph! may be able to satisfy your need for German Metal.

I ran out of Rammstein. It happens. So I decided to look up related bands on the good ol' wikipedia and I struck gold. Oomph! (yes, the "!" is included) is composed of three members: Dero, Flux, and Crap (yes, Crap) who grew up together and have managed to stay together even with the trials of fame (when playing live their are two additional members to play drums and guitar since the members are multi-talented!). In their 22-year career they have worked with the gorgeous Marta Jandova and the crazy awesome Nina Hagen to name a few. Their music is little more mainstream or listenable than Rammstein, but the hard and epic aspects are still there. It's really hard for me to pick only one song, but I felt that "Labyrinth" from their most recent release, "Monsters", really demonstrated their sound. The song is also available in English on their American album, but the German is sooooooooooo much better. Enjoy!

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