Kpop Idolband Overload? I'd say yes! B1A4, X-5, N-Train, and Boyfriend

Interested in checking out the 4 new bands that just debuted but too lazy to do it yourself? You've come to the right place.

With the Kpop music industry in a constant state of popping out idol bands, hoping that at least one will stick, it's hard sometimes to weed through all the groups. Recently, 4 new male idol bands have debuted. Why waste your time reading endless reviews of biased fans when you could read only a single biased review: mine? To be fair, I have included MVs and performances of the groups so you can judge for yourself. These reviews are mostly brief, so if you want endless amounts of monotonous opinions, you can also go to Soompi.

Ok, I freakin' love this group! When I watched "OK!" I was having SHINee's "Replay (Noona is so pretty)" flashbacks. They are good. They are a bit young, so if your a pervo-noona like me, be careful. Their vocals are amazing, they are skilled dancers, they sound UNBELIEVABLE live (especially for such a young rookie group), and they are charming as hell. B1A4's entire debut mini-album, "Let's Fly", is enjoyable. Seriously, every single track. You have the optimstic and upbeat single hit "OK!", followed by very dancable "Remember". "Bling Girl" is sheer saccarine joy, and the ballad on the album "Only One" is pretty typical but still enjoyable. They are based off the idea of the "manga guys", you know the whole "theirs one for everyone". It's like Super Junior, but more concise. Check out their MV and Performance for "OK!" below.

Now for something completely different. X-5 is not your cutey idol band...they  are well, SEX. These guys are as steamy as they are talented. And I'm going out on a limb to assume they love teasing the noonas, especially with their video that depicts the leader of the group dating a (really old) noona. Don't call me mean! She's freakin' old! But I digress. Their live performance is flawless, even during rapper Xin's stomach/throat troubles. Mr. Leader even had a problem early on with grunting suggestively during their grinding dance. That probably stopped after the censors were like "Hey guys, we've got about half the audience having heart-attacks and three pregnancies, c'mon!" Their album, "Xenos", is pretty much as flawless as B1A4's. Their single track, "Don't Put on Act" is full of bump and grind, and surprisingly enough gives them all a chance to show off their vocal talents. The electronic "Fantasy" is a personal favorite of mine. And there's a ballad, because c'mon folks, there is always a ballad. All in all, a new favorite group for me. I haven't been this excited about smexy kpop boys since U-Kiss came out with "Manmanhani", and I have a totally unhealthy obsession with Eli.

 Okay, so here's a band really trying to be different but ending up being pretty much the same. They decided to debut with a ballad, which I would say is risky except this is South Korea. And frankly it's Asia, and there is nothing the Asian Music Market loves more that a freakin' ballad. So their cute, but I don't think they've quite grown into themselves yet. Or I did think that before I saw the guy in the front (Yujin) without his shirt on and HOLY SH**! No joke. I don't know what they feed these idol boys but...nice. "One Last Cry" is really a good song. It's not too slow for a ballad, and it really makes it so you can hear if they are talented or not. Their song is good and the music video is incredibly simple. I don't know what it is but I just don't get that same excited feeling I get from the two above bands. But seriously, they are really good! And they're really good looking, so I'm pretty sure it's just me. Check them out and judge for yourself.

These boys are just not ripe, this is coming from the same pervo-noona. Before you come at my proverbial blog door with your pitchforks and torches, I felt the same way about DBSK when they first came out and was ogling the now aged SHINHWA. They are really little, no way around it. That said, they are adorable. There's twins, and that's, you know, interesting. Their single was cute but to completely honest with you it was just another D-NA to me. Cute, talented, but very much still kids. I didn't even like the whole Jackson 5 thing. On the other hand, they are talented now, so when they do reach 16 or so (idol band maturity age) they will be fantastic! Or they will have moved on. Their single, confusingly titled "Boyfriend", features them pursing a MUCH older curvy woman. She's probably my age (25) but for a bunch of 12 year-olds...she's freakin' old. And I died a little inside saying that. But if I guess if Rammstein can have a song called "Rammstein" then why the hell not?! They song is sugary sweet to the point that it reminds me of a character image song from old school anime (do that do that anymore?).  Anyway, judge for yourself.

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