Music Mondays: Combichrist - "Throat Full of Glass"

A new band to add to your tanze metal repertoire...

Brain child of techno/powernoise master Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist is one of many of his band projects although it seems to have taken the front seat with their recent North American tour with Rammstein. Call it techno, call it metal, call it industrial, even call it experimental...you can't really pin these guys down. They are amazing. They've worked with greats in the industry, remixed some of the best metal and industrial music around, and they've even added ex-Limp Bizkit man Wes Borland to their contributors. Check out their latest single, "Throat Full of Glass" from their most recent studio album, "Making Monsters". This is the clean version, but I'm pretty sure you can dl or search for the "European" version.  


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  1. very lame and boring. NIN tryhards. sorry FAIL