Corporate Republicans: "Dizzy with Success"

"But the successes have their seamy side, especially when they are attained with comparative “ease” — “unexpectedly” so to speak. Such successes sometimes induce a spirit of vanity and conceit: “We can achieve anything!”, “There is nothing we can’t do!” People not infrequently become intoxicated by such successes; they become dizzy with success, loose all sense of proportion and the capacity to understand realities; they show a tendency to overrate their own strength and to underrate the strength of the enemy..."
-J. Stalin

From Murabak to Walker, the people of the world are reacting with revolutionary sentiment to their oppressors. While the crimes of Murabak are not comparable to Walker, the term oppressor still applies. And in our apathy ridden, fast-food devouring, anti-intellectual little whole of what used to be the most amazing country in the world: some how the union members around the Great Lakes, namely Wisconsin, have gathered their courage to stand up. It's been going on for weeks, is getting the minimal coverage that we should all expect from minitrue...I mean the general media, and even Michael Moore has moved in with these people.

In his speech, "America isn't broke", he asserts the clear stupidty of breaking unions and justifying it with "cutting corners". You don't have to like the guy, but a few points he makes are absolutely fact. Fact: the top 0.05% of Americans own almost all of it's wealth. Fact: 400 Americans are richer than half of the other Americans. Should we take all of their money and even distribute it? Since we decided we are going to stick to the failed Capitalist experiement, then no, we won't do that. The simple solution is this: tax them! It doesn't take away whatever "hard earned" (although I scoff to say it) money they have, it just makes them contribute, for once, like the rest of us do.

They feed us nutrient low food, the make us watch Glenn Beck and Jersey Shore, they say that college and books are "liberal propoganda", they shove the religion of "don't ask questions" down our throats and make us feel like outcasts if we don't fit into the plastic brainless model they've designed. So of course they are surprised now at the union reaction. As expected, they've turned the union protestors and their supporters into the enemy. They have created a false reality of to many beneifts of this so-called bourgeoisie teacher class that doesn't exist! I won't go into the paticulars, but the fact that teachers get to go to the dentist should be a reason to despise them!

But I expect little from them. They are corporate pawns, serving their masters like the soulless little puppets they are. They say the first stage of Fascism is corporatism, and they are right. It's not that the state takes over corporations but the other way around: Corporations become the state. Lobbyists have overrun our government, and I think we would all like the special privilges corporations get: personhood with no liability! They've never encountered any sort of counter to their "conservative" plans. They slap Jesus or the American Flag on their box of bullshit and the American people swallow it. They can package it; they have really good people in Marketing after all.

If you want anyone to blame, look in the mirror. It's all of our faults. We sit with apathy and say, "What can I do?" We don't lend support, we don't educate ourselfs: it's become to much for the average college student to just watch the damn news! Apathy. And it makes them feel immortal, and they will continue to push forward with their oppressive plans with no consideration for reason or the well being of anyone outside of their employers. They try to resurrect McCarthyism, but it's not going to some Communist regime that's going to take away our rights. It's not going to be a war between Oceania and Eurasia, it's going to be Coke vs Pepsi.

You can see Michael Moore's speech below.

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