METAL MONDAYS: "Blood and Thunder" - Mastodon

Borat not included.

Here for another installation of Metal Mondays, we bring you Mastodon. Known for their "multi-layered" hypnotic, sludge rock, the band hints at melodic metal. Their unique-ness earned them a post here. Unlike the death metal and metalcore everyone associates with metal, Mastodon has a strange psychodellic element; the lyrics, the droning singers voice, the constantly changing notes...it's just something that must be heard to be understood. They have toured with Metallica and Dethklok; and have been featured on multiple video games including Guitar Hero.

Enjoy "Blood and Thunder", a great song that captures their complexity and it's metal as hell. Why? Because there is nothing scarier than a bunch of freakin' clowns.

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