Zombie Fungus

I haven't really been able to do Zombie news lately due to a relatively busy schedule but when I saw this story posted on facebook from this blogs creator I had to check it out. Well here is the conclusion. This isn't a zombie creating fungus. I was hoping for vindication of my theory but this isn't it. So the story is misleading. However it is an interesting article nonetheless.

What this fungus does is infect the host and makes it go wacky. I don't know if it only infects ants but in the article thats what happens. Once infected the ant will leave the colony and death grip a leaf. The ant will then die. Now if this was a zombie fungus the ant would reanimate but it doesn't so automatically it's clear it's not a zombie, but fungus stuff grows out and is now ready to infect more ants.

So this isn't a zombie creating fungus. It's more along the lines of the brain spores from Futurama. It's fucking crazy awesome no matter.

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