Lawrence O'Donnell Asks: "How Ignorant is Michele Bachmann?"

Can you solve the mystery?

Michele Bachmann is easy to hate. Between the fact that most republicans advertise her as being "hot", and that she was become the self-proclaimed voice of the tea party, there can be no love. And she has a voice, and by voice I mean the sound of thirty retarded children in a closet screaming. But Bat-Shit-Crazy Bachmann isn't just crazy: she's irresponsible and an extremist. She anti-abortion, because "pro-life" doesn't make sense, everyone is pro-life, except maybe ghosts (but they can't vote, so it doesn't matter). She also considers homosexuality to be a "sexual dysfunction" and supports an all out ban on same-sex marriage.

It's not surprising: she supports "You can run but you can't hide International" Christian Youth Ministries. A service that travels to high schools, singing Christian rap/metal and spreading the "gospel" in the form of an anti-abortion and anti-gay message.
"During an assembly at Pequot Lakes High School in 2007, students were shown graphic images of aborted fetuses and girls were made to chant about being submissive to their husbands. The assembly made students cry and angered parents."
Besides the fact that this shouldn't be allowed in public schools, she caused prior outrage when she was on a local district school board and instituted the 12 Christian Principles to be taught in the class room and even going so far as to forbid the viewing of Disney's Aladdin because it promotes paganism and witchcraft. She angered many parents, the most outspoken being an active Christian herself, who argued this was not the separation of Church and State guaranteed by the bill of rights. Did I mention she has 23 foster kids on top of her own 5?

But Bachmann's offenses go farther than that. We all saw her talking to "Harvey", her invisible friend during the "State of the Union" rebuttal; I assume he will also be her running mate. She also gave credit to the founding fathers, especially John Quincy Adams, with ending slavery. I'm assuming she was confused watching "Amistad"? And now she decided to question "liberal" geography and state that Lexington and Concord are in New Hampshire. Why not? Everything else she says is ridiculous.

On "Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" last night, he asked, somewhat pleadingly with his audience "How Ignorant is Michele Bachmann?" And who are these staff members that let her get away with saying these things? Furthermore, who are the utterly brain-dead constituents who voted for her? As a good journalist, and an intellectual with integrity, this question is truly befuddling for Mr. O'Donnell. If you have the answer, submit it to his website below. Enjoy the video, it's at least good for a very frustrating laugh.

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