Kpop B-Sides: Dalmatian - "Lost in Love", also violence on the dancefloor

Because there are other songs on the album, not about "Robo Cop", I mean "Lover Cop"...

It's been a long road to debut for the boys of Dalmatian, especially for group leader Inati, who is nearing 30! But with good looks and talent to boot, I'm really perplexed by the following:
1. Why are they trying to do the "cute" thing? They are all in their 20's. I mean, even Infinite changed it up and they are still relative babies.
2. Robo Cop. Really? Robo Cop? Fail guys, fail.

They've yet to make a huge impression on the industry, probably because of the aformentioned offenses, and have fallen behind new groups like Teen Top and Infinite. However, I've given them a chance and found a great chill song on their latest album called "Lost in Love". It's really great, easy listening like SHINee's "Replay". Give it a listen here:

Still not interested. Well, you're journey has not been completely wasted. Here is a video of Inati punching band mate Daniel. Check out all the blood, and he keeps on singing!

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  1. ummmm........I don't think they're going for the "cute" concept. I feel like they're being themselves. Just lovable guys with a dorky side. Unlike many groups out there, they can sing live flawlessly. Wow! you concentrate on looks? You're a shallow kpop fan. JS