40% of TVXQ give it 200% - and it's sexy (MV inside)

When I first heard that TVXQ, or the remaining members at least, were making a comeback, I was filled with trepidation. It's sort of an odd thing, thinking about Changmin and Yunho without the other three, which have now become JYJ. While I'm not here to talk about who's wrong, SM or anyone else for that matter, it still seems odd. It takes a lot of guts to debut as a duo, even if you are the most powerful pop group in the world!

And somehow, they pulled it off! The song is great. It's not Mirotic, but it's damn sexy. And that brings us to the music video itself. While it has it's share of semi-corny special effects and a terrible wardobe change in the middle (calico suits? WHY?), overall I have to give the video my approval. It starts off with genius dancer Yunho dancing with a whip. And our maknae Changmin, oh yeah, he buffed up and is showing it off; 'nuf said. The only part I found disappointing was that after all the aggression they showed to each other, pushing each other around a little, there was no kiss. But alas, skinship/fanservice only goes so far, eh? Judge for yourself:

It's so good, it made me forget all about "Survivor".

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  1. I loved it! They made it easier for me to oogle Yunho the whole time, LOL!