REVIEW: Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min returns with the epic "Not Alone" (MV)

Warning: The following could be incredibly biased because I freaking love Jungminnie!


The first of all the SS501 boys to release a solo, Jung Min sets a high standard for the rest of them. The title track, "Not Alone" is amazing. It's epic in such a great way that only pop songs can be, mixing traditional pop sounds with orchestral drama. The video itself not only is visual appealing but brave. Unlike most kpop videos I've seen, it features truly different kinds of people. A punk couple, a transvestite, a boy in a wheelchair, a schoolgirl crying, a guy tattooing himself...not sure what the last one was about but I digress. This video evokes strong imagery and gives a sense of hope to anyone who listens to it! Mal himself looks amazing, like some sort of dark enforcer with lanky coat. He's just beautiful! I have to say it. I don't care if it compromises my journalistic integrity!

Wait...no one cares? Oh good. Anyway...

Jung Min's voice carries the whole thing. We've seen tidbits of this from the past SS501 concerts, as well as his earlier solo when Hyun Joong was filming Boys Before Flowers and the SS501 subunit "U R MAN" project was formed with the other three members. Mal's voice is just amazing, he's able to pull off a radio hit like "Not Alone" and move on to a beautiful ballad with "Do you know?". The ballad starts off very slow but builds and crescendos on the chorus. It's got enough of a beat to not be boring, but the music is repetitve and simple enough to showcase his vocal skills. The last song is "My Day is everyday Christmas" which is a upbeat, cute little song although it sits in the shadow of the other two songs (in my humble opinion).

All in all, I was completely satisfied with this album. He really pulled out all the stops, and even though it was delayed, it was totally worth the wait. I can't wait to see what the other guys are going to do. Last I heard, Hyung Joon was coming out with a solo album, and Kyu Jong and Yong Saeng were coming out with a duet album. Keep a watch out for his live performances!


  1. I really enjoyed the strings in the song and the semi-techno beat. His voice is good. His fashion appeal is pretty cool (loving the coat).

  2. I can't understand anything he's saying besides the english parts and I still cried! You can really feel the emotion and he's got a great voice. I'm impressed!