REVIEW: Big Bang's Baby V returns with VVIP

Big Bang's bass player..erm...I mean maknae returns to remind us that he's just as sexy as ever.

Okay VI fans, don't beat be over the bass player comment, I just like picking on our maknae. You have to hand it to Seungri: maknae, living in the shadow of G-Dragon, Taeyang, and TOP, and still he manages to have an ego the size of the Asian continent. But good for him, I wish I had the kind of confidence he shows in his videos, especially "VVIP". But now on to the review:


For his second solo CD, it's amazing. It's not Big Bang, but it stands strongly on its own. The first track "VVIP" is definitely my favorite, it's catchy and has a great beat. The second song is "What Can I Do?", a great dance track that has all the makings of a pop hit. The next song is "Open Window" a laid back track featuring rap-God G-Dragon. "Magic" is jazzy little tune, while "I know" is a sweet duet with IU. "White Love" is another creative dance track, and the final song is "Outro (In My World)" the only slow ballad song on the disc, but it's a nice way to end an overall strong CD.

To compliment the album release, Seungri also released two music videos for "VVIP" and "What Can I Do?"
The MV for "VVIP" is just great. Cashing in on the world-wide popularity of "Alice in Wonderland", he channels the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and perhaps other characters that I wasn't quite getting. As seemingly the sole male occupant of Wonderland (of any importance anyway), he has his way with many of girls, including an all female tea party and air-molests a model on a couch while other girls play croquette. The video culminates as he saves the ten-year old girl Alice. Of course she has drank a magic potion that makes her age appropriate by the eventual extra-sensual kiss he gives her on the hand. She awakens and is once again about 10 years old. Too bad Seungri, she's too young even for you. The video is visual stimulating and very creative, and I really loved the 5-second Big Bang parody in the begining!

In the "What Can I Do?" MV, Seungri takes a totally different approach. This song seems to be the real title track of the album. It's a change from the self-indulgent and overtly sexual "Strong Baby" MV that he previously released. Without G-Dragon to support him in the video, V.I. takes it seriously. First off, he's totally lost that awkward cuteness of his "Dirty Cash" days (which can be seen here) and has really grown up. The song works great, and he shows a level of sensitivity that he lacked entirely in the previous video. His dancing, of course, is amazing. And the product placement isn't too blaring. All in all, it's a very impressive improvement from just showing his abs. MBLAQ's Joon could take a hint from this.

Enough of what I think, check it out for yourself!


  1. He's talented but a total ASS. The end.

  2. @beanfriday: You like him.

    I like "What Can I Do?". VVIP has, in my opinion, one of the best interpretations of Alice in Wonderland.