What is a Zombie and other terms.

NOTE: I've been doing a lot of research recently and came across a couple things that I'm going to just point out quickly. 1. There is no official agency, organization, or group either government or civilian that recognizes or accepts the term or condition of zombie. 2. There is no "cure" That's fucking retarded.

   For this post I've decided to go into the terms used by the general zombie "experts" and a few that I myself use. I will also discuss what these blog posts consider a zombie.

Zombie Virus- This is generally the accepted thing that creates the "true" zombie. Whether artificial or natural this is where it all starts. I have developed and these blog postings will promote the idea of a natural zombie virus.

NZV- The Natural Zombie Virus. NZV theory is the idea that somewhere in nature the zombie virus naturally occurs. Whether it's a disease found commonly in animals that acts differently when transmitted to humans or something that lurks in the soil or something different all together NZV is found some where in nature. The NZV infects a person through unknown means possibly through the air or through open cuts(think cutting yourself on a rusted nail). The symptoms wouldn't be any worse then a common flu and would be unlikely to kill the infected. The NZV would require an incubation period to reach it's full potential. The infected will eventually die from some other cause and as long as the brain is intact will then re-animate and is now capable of passing the fully matured virus that's able to kill and re-animate its victim.

Re-Animation- The occurrence when the corpse rises from the dead returning seemingly to the living.

Z Carrier- A person who through unknown means has contracted the zombie virus and is now acting as a carrier and incubater. This person will not have knowledge of the virus believing that it is a cold or flu.

Zombie Zero- The name given to the first zombie, most likely the carrier who's become the zombie.

Zombie(Z) Event- Any zombie outbreak no matter the numbers involved or category.

Zombie Horde- A group of zombies. This is actually broken down further.
                              Zombie Group- 2 to 10 zombies
                              Zombie Pack- 11 to 100 zombies
                              Zombie Herd- 101 to 1000 zombies
                              Zombie Horde- 1001 plus zombies

Category (CAT) Levels-
          CAT One- Zombie numbers range between 1 to 25 zombies and usually will cover an area around 1/5 mile squared. It can be handled by the local population and first responders. With proper containment it won't last longer then a week. This is the typical outbreak and is often misidentified in press coverage.
          CAT Two- Zombies will number between 25 to 1000 zombies and will cover between a square mile to 10 square miles. First responders supplemented possibly by the National Guard would be needed to secure and clear the area. Proper containment and eradication could take up to a month. While it can be misidentified it's often more likely covered up.
          CAT Three- Zombie numbers now between 1000 to 500k and will cover an area between 10 square miles to 1000 square miles. Now the National Guard and even the Army would be needed to stop the spread and eliminate the threat. This would now take up to a year maybe longer to clear. It's highly unlikely to cover up but is possible.
          CAT Four- 500k plus zombies covering entire continents. Armies would be needed to stop this. Most likely though it would be to late and we're now headed to...
          CAT Five- Zombie Apocalypse  Zombies are now close to World Population numbers and would cover the majority of earth. At this point the time to clear it would be unknown but shouldn't be longer then 5 years given zombie life spans.

Since the definition of a zombie would constitute a blog post of it's own I will wait until next time.


  1. Incredibly informative. I see the English language finally using the letter "Z" more, which is just lovely.

  2. When it comes to zombies you have to use the letter Z often

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