The Case for the Zombie Apocalypse

People will say that the Zombie Apocalypse is a crazy survivalist fantasy. It's not. Sadly it's not. Welcome to 2011. We're just under 2 years away from the so called Mayan doomsday and the time is now to either accept the truth or ignore and suffer the consequences. 2010 has brought us a multitude of natural disasters that were made worse thanks to the hand of man. Disasters such as these are often the precursor to Zombie Events*. As of right now Haiti is the most likely spot for potential zombie outbreaks. This small really crappy nation was made even crappier with a little help from a vengeful God. The current situation in Haiti makes it the number one spot for a Class 3* zombie threat. The threat is real. So right now lets just examine why Z Day* is inevitable.
   First off and probably the biggest reason is ignorance. Currently there is no government, or watchdog medical organization that will even recognize even the name zombie, undead, living impaired or conditions associated with these creatures and because of this the world is seriously lacking even a minimum level of protection that knowledge provides. What this means is if an infected person arrives at a medical facility the "trained" staff there would easily ignore the symptoms and misdiagnose the ailment. A basic level of knowledge is necessary when dealing with a potential pandemic such as this.
    Second thing because of this basic lack of understanding the threat the world is lacking the facilities and even the forces to deal with even a Class 2* zombie threat. Picture this. A cop arrests and individual who's just moaning has glazed over eyes and isn't responding to the officer and when the cop gets close the guy attacks and bites him in the hand. Well everyone assumes the guys drunk or drugged up so they put him in a cell till and began to press charges. Well now you have a cop who will get the hand looked at and a funny story to tell the next few days. The next time they go to retrieve the guy in the cell he's already attacked his cell mates maybe even was successfully killed but not before biting 2 or 3 of them. From this one zombie, and the inability to diagnose the symptoms you now have 3 or more zeds* in waiting. Soon the cop and the other victims are feeling really sick and they'll be taken to hospitals, where despite the best efforts of doctors they die. But even before the doctor and nurses are able to wheel him out the zombie reanimates and is able to bite at least 1 possibly 2. Now if each of the 4 zeds succeed in biting 2 you now have an additional 8 waiting to turn. See how the lack of training and dedicated zombie facilities assists in the apocalypse.
   Third thing it's already been close. Once again going back to ignorance being the biggest part of the threat we've already recently come really close to setting in motion the end. Remember SARS? Hell we can go even more recent. The Swine Flu was a obvious case of a weakened version of a zed virus. What really isn't clear is where this came from? A secret government lab somewhere in Mexico? While it's so easy to blame mad scientists or twisted government lab techs for something like this more then likely it was the result of a zed virus occurring in nature. Then it spread. Now how can I make this claim when there wasn't any reports of anyone who died as a result of the H1N1 returning or even just biting someone? Well easy. This didn't happen during the "flu" season. There's a reason it's called flu season people it's cause it happens around the same time each year. Also being a weak naturally occurring virus it may lack the ability to kill the person and instead needs to reside in the person until that person dies from another cause.
   Lastly the worlds population makes the threat even more serious. As our numbers climb ever higher we get more and more crowded together. This means if a small group of people become infected, die, and reanimate it will be a short amount of time, days maybe even hours for a city like New York, London or even Beijing to reach critical levels that boil over and spread. But more will come later on zombies in the city.
   December 21, 2012 is fast approaching. Now I'm not saying this is Z Day. But who am I to say a bunch of dead Mayans are wrong. So if 12-21-12 is the day then 12-22-12 is the zombie apocalypse. Although we can remember Terminator here, The future is not set. It's not, there's still time. However we can also remember Terminator when I say Z Day is inevitable.

What will you be? The one who saw it coming, or just another victim?

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  1. WOW Andrew, that was well written and frankly a little alarming. As ridiculous as "zombies" seem to me, your points are extremely apt. I think people tend to associate zombies with some supernatural undead person, like in the movies. But it could definitely happen if it was some sort of virus... people are that stupid. Well, you've got the Jew convinced! So are we still holding down in Costco? LOL