REVIEW: Fresno's Wassabi: To die for...seriously

Too many selections for sushi lovers, not enough for people who don't. But hey, they have a great ambiance and rice beer!


Wassabi, located on First and Herndon, is a staple of cool places here in Fresno. The sushi menu is vast to say the least, and usually takes someone unfamiliar with the place several times of the waitress asking "Are you ready to order?" to actually be ready. The ambiance is famous: dark with great tunes, even the sushi chefs are stylish. The menu itself is really unique, full of ultra-cool pictures of the "cast" of the restaurant. The menu boasts live delicacies, a nice selection of chirashi and nigiri, as well as riceless specialties. The rolls themselves are so varied it most likely suits every taste. The beer menu is impressive for a local sushi joint: Asashi Dark and a traditional rice beer are options. The sake menu isn't too shabby either.

That's the good part. The not so great is that the non-sushi part of the menu is lacking. With staples like Teriyaki beef and chicken, donburi, and udon, it's average at best. For such delicious sushi, it could have a little better effort put into it. Portion sizes are generous, since most people complain about the prices. It's high for a sushi place in Fresno, but what are we really comparing it too? Sendai? Come on, guys. The service is usually fine, but if they are busy be prepared to be ignored for awhile.

Here's the long and short: Many unique and tasty sushi choices, typical non-sushi choices, a good place for a drink, come hungry, and don't bring your broke-ass friends. It earns four very strong cupcakes; with improvement on the non-sushi section, it would easily take a five.