REVIEW: Infinite - "Evolution" - Watch Pretty Boys Kick the crap out of each other! (MV included)

As if they couldn't be any more impressive...their new dark take is inventive and sexy!

Infinite - Evolution :

I can't believe on my first review I'm giving an almost perfect score, but here we are. Infinite impressed me with their previous mini-album "First Invasion" with their debut single, the jaunty little "Come Back Again" and adorable follow up "She's Back." However with the tide of popular boy bands in the media right now and MBLAQ (yikes) and TVXQ (double yikes) making their respective comebacks this week, Infinite really needed to lay it on.

The album itself begins with a little intro that plays right into the single, "Before the Dawn". It's a fast dance track that is really catchy and somehow very passionate. Their vocals have clearly improved, although I thought they made a strong debut originally (honestly the best debut I've ever seen, save for MBLAQ). The next song is just as catchy although more chill, "Can you Smile". It reminds me of B-side 2PM stuff. After that is "Hysterie", a modern disco song, but not as tacky as that sounds.  "Voice of my Heart", the solitary ballad, is sweet and smooth and showcases the vocal talent of all the members. The final track, "Dunno", is comparable to "BTD" in awesomeness and sounds like a really K-drama track.

As for the MV for "BTD", it revolves mostly around Woohyun and L beating the crap out of each other. Early on they are interrupted by some well dressed shadow-ninja-guy who attacks them. They join forces, defeat said ninja, and resume beating each other up. All the while in short cuts we see the whole band, which is only thing I would've changed: we needed more of the whole group! I'm keeping my fingers crosses for a "dance version" of the MV. The video ends with revealing that Woohyun and L are in fact trapped in this building they have been fighting in, banging on barred windows. Honestly, pretty dark for a rookie boy band, and serious money was put in here where it counts. The song rocks, the video is dark, all in all it's a win. Be on the look out for edits: if Hyori gets in trouble for not wearing a seat belt, I can't wait to see what they do about all the fighting and blood in this MV.


  1. It was good, actually kind of scary and sad.

  2. It's certainly one of the better songs. Cool effects too.