I wanted my first post to this blog to be AWESOME! Something funny, crazy, maybe a little witty. Instead tomorrow 1-5-10 being the day it is I'm dedicating it to someone who I failed to spend enough time with, my Grandmother. That lady was the definition of awesome. She began smoking when she was 13, although she'd go on to her death bed to lie to the doctor about that. Awesome! When my Mom was 14 her husband passed away and she was left to raise a group of kids. One of them, my Uncle would stupidly get himself shot in the leg with a shotgun. Awesome! My Mom would eventually move out this way and would meet my Dad get married and have four kids. We'd go back pretty much every summer to visit the AWESOME side of the family. She'd always insist on having us stay with her and she'd take the couch. In the basement there would be so much fun stuff to look through. Those creepy doll heads were crazy. She'd watch as we played with the plastic geese and would play cards with the adults at night. One day she would play cards with my youngest sister and when she lost would declare that she cheated and refuse to play cards with her again. Some might see that as mean, no it was awesome. Grandma would take us out to eat breakfast at her favorite dive eatery and she would smoke without any care to health. Awesome. For as long as I could remember she'd even worked a bar  and would bring back amazing (I wouldn't know this I didn't eat them) ribs. She was awesome. She loved all of us cousins and didn't brag about which did what she just loved.
So now it's sad she's gone. No, not really it's good she's gone. Not that it's not sad to see her go. I can only imagine she's in a better place giving crap to angels and demanding a cigarette. Because that's what she would do. Awesome. What's sad is that I couldn't be there to say goodbye. What's sad is the awesome side of the family couldn't enjoy the holidays to the fullest. What's sad is that I couldn't introduce my wife to her. She did live to become a great grandmother but before my sister had her kid she was already a great grandmother. Really no words can really be written about her that would really say how awesome she was. 2011 really missed out on something awesome. Grandma, you may be gone but never forgotten. We love you, I love you. 
"If there is a person you think you cannot stand, find one or two admirable qualities and focus on those qualities each time you are with the person. If you cannot find one quality, the problem lies with you." Marvel Nyenhuis, 1928-2010


  1. wow dude, very nice. The quote is just the best. It really gives you hope. I'm so very sorry about the loss of your grandmother, she sounds like she was an awesome lady. I bet she's tearing up heaven right now, hanging with the cool people.

  2. She sounds like the best grandma ever! I hope you are holding up well. You are all in my thoughts :)