The Zombie Explained

Note: Despite popular beliefs zombies do not eat brains.

   I'll point out right now that these theories are just that theories. Most of these are purely speculative as pure zombie research is simply unable to progress since zombies are usually killed or just keeping a zombie "alive" is deemed immoral. Some of these are widely accepted by zombie "experts" while many are ideas that only I've come up with and have yet to find corroborating articles. I'll point out which are which as I go.

   Firstly the definition of Zombie that this blog posting and subsequent and past postings will recognize is as follows. A zombie is a corpse of a person who has died with the zombie virus in their system either as a direct or indirect cause of said virus who has re-animated and now "feeds" on the living. Zombies are not the result of radiation or voodoo curses or any curse or form of mind control. A virus either manufactured or naturally occurring is the cause of one becoming a zombie.
   The creatures in 28 days later are also not zombies, because first they do not die before turning to feast on human flesh second they run. Zombies lack the ability to run, climb, jump, swim or any other complex movement.
  1.    A zombie is a creature that was previously living that became infected with the zombie virus died and re-animated as a zombie.
  2.    Zombies have only 3 senses. The ability to taste and feel are gone. We can assume this in zombies do not react to pain. Since they lack the ability to feel pain it can be reasoned they lack the sense of touch. Since with touch we can use our tongue to taste they would also lack this ability. (My Theory)
  3.    Zombies also have a diminished  sense of sight and hearing. However zombies have a heightened sense of smell which helps to differentiate prey from other zombies.
  4.    Zombies pass the virus with bites. To actually pass the virus the zombies would need to be able to produce saliva. Since the zombie now lacks the ability to produce saliva it would probably store it till needed and have a limited supply. (My Theory)
  5.    Since the brain of a zombie needs to be destroyed to "kill" it the zombie brain is still functioning on a different level then the normal human brain. It can all be postulated that this means other organs might still function in different ways allowing the zombie body to maintain minimal functions.
  6.    Zombies do not FEED. Zombies are essentially a virus personified and a virus's goal is to procreate. The zombie method of procreating is through bites. Thus zombies will only bite and continue to bite until the victim is dead. Plus the bites must penetrate skin in order to pass the virus laced saliva into the victims body. The virus itself would now kill the victim but since the zombie lacks the ability to think and reason it would still attack until prevented or the victim dies. (My Theory)
  7.    Since zombies do not feed it's very safe to say zombies do not eat brains. The brain is the most important aspect of the zombie and the victims brain must be intact to become a functioning zombie.
  8.    Zombies have blood. But the blood is now a black goo and how it moves through the body is still a mystery.
  9.    Zombies do not need food water air or rest to survive.
  10.    Since zombies have no air in their lungs and have diminished hearing it's safe to say they do not produce sound. This would actually benefit the zombie since the victim in the dark would not hear the zombie.(My Theory)
  11.    Since zombies rely heavily on their brains they initially hold on to some memories. But these act now as a source of geography and not nostalgia, compelling the zombie to associate a certain area as hunting grounds.(My Theory)
  12.    Zombies will easily become trapped in a room and lack the reasoning skills to escape through a door. If a zombie follows a target into a room and the target manages to elude and escape the zombie the zombie may remain wandering in the room until it accidentally leaves.(My Theory)
  13.    A lone zombie is not a threat. A group of zombies though is somehow able to lock onto a target and keep up a chase for longer.
  14.    Zombies flesh is toxic. This repels insects that would normally feed on the dead along with animals that would target a weakened human. The virus also would kill most bacteria that would have sped the decomposition of a deceased person.
  15.    Zombies would be susceptible to extreme heat and cold and would not last as long in either temperatures.
      Most zombie movies are based only on what would be scariest. Which is why in so many zombie movies zombies emit noises and now run. These are complete falsehoods. My theories are based on extensive and continued research that will never be completed. These will help you identify the zombies before the threat reaches epidemic proportions.
                                                                                                                               Good Luck.

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