REVIEW: Teen Top: Now with 100% Charisma (both MVs and PERFORMANCE)

Watch out Infinite, your rivals are back.


Last week gorgeous rookie group Teen Top made their comeback with "Supa Luv", an upbeat dance tune. This is on Infinite's heels, and again the boys are going head to head. But what are their chances?

Their new mini-album features two songs with the intro "Transform". "Supa Luv" is catchy and just a total WIN for a band who already impressed us with "Clap". But we knew these kids would be good, they are Andy's boys (as in Shinhwa's Andy). Shinhwa's maknae is currently doing his mandatory military service and so Shinhwa's leader and jack-of-all-trades Eric stepped in to help with the MV. 

The MV is just awesome: it gives great screen time to all the boys and showcases their improved dancing skills. Although all the guys are gorgeous and talented, some have really blossomed. Chunji, who sings the majority of the song, has turned into the Charisma of the band, and it was really great seeing how charming Changjo could be with a smile (I liked his parts the best); and already uber-cool L.Joe seemed more approachable, which may be a good thing or a bad thing. I would like to see Ricky and my personal favorite C.A.P. smile more though, but maybe their trying to do that whole butthole-badboy thing? A second version of the MV is available with just the boys dancing. It lacks all the Eric footage, which for younger Kpop fans probably doesn't matter because they probably don't even know who Eric is. Which means...

I'm Old...T___T

But anyway...

The second song is "Angel", which is a poppy little love track that doesn't really hold up to the awesomeness of "Supa Luv", but is a decent B-side. Honestly, they are the only band I've ever listened to where every song on the single is memorable. I guess they just don't make throw away tracks! Most impressive of all is their performances: just like with "Clap", they perform completely live and sound unbelievable, especially for rookies! They are currently pitted against Infinite, a group attached to the same company as Epic High and also showing off ridiculously good live skills. I'm incredibly impressed and you should be too: DBSK didn't perform live at all when they first came out.

Below are the two MV versions and one of their live performances. I can't wait until the mashups!


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  1. We are not old! Screw those damn kids, LOL. Yes, these boys rock, I still don't care for their band name, but they make up for it with talent.