REVIEW: Eureka!Burger: Artisan done the right way

Taking "artisan" to a whole 'nutha level.


I really can't say enough good things about this place. It's small, but the service was amazing: quick, friendly, knowlegable, and that great mix of caring enough without begin bothersome. All the beer, wine and even liquor in the place is from small, privately owned businesses. The beer selection is chock full of IPAs (which seems to be the trend in Fresno), but there is also a selection of Beligum beers (with a quadrupel) and also host to Lost Coast Brewery beer. I'm used to craft beer, etc, but artisan liquor? That's right; when they say artisan everything they freakin' mean it.

The menu is busting with unique but not-so-scary treats. I ordered the hotwings for a appitizers: really spicy and delicious. They were great with the Great White the waitress recommened. The burgers, which is why you are there really, are amazing. There is a choice of beer, turkey, or homemade veggie patties. The condiments are ridiculous from traditional favorites like bacon and cheese to fig jelly and goat cheese. The bun is season, crisp, and adds just the right support to these piled-high burgers. Side options include fries, onion rings, salad, etc. I opted for the onion rings and they didn't disappoint. Large and crisp without the fainted bit of grease, even though I was only given three they took up half the plate!

The searving sizes are normal: you actually can finish the burger! While the prices are moderate, it is a nice place after all, it's totally worth it! I recommend it to anyone who wants a burger and a beer but needs to change it up from Red Robins. Eureak!Burger is a fresh take on old staples and a welcome addition to the rising number of unique eateries in Fresno.


  1. Beet burger... sounds weird, looks purple, tastes YUM!!!

  2. Hickory Burger = delicious and satisfying. I wish I could remember the name of the beer I had. Anyways, it was good. That's a great place.