REVIEW: American Cupcake: Wait, I get liquor with my sweets?!

From left to right: red velvet/chocolate stout; lemon/muscat; butterscotch/brut rose

I died and went to heaven: San Francisco's American Cupcake is that place.


After seeing this quaint little piece of paradise on Cooking Channel's "Unique Eats", I had to go. It's close (only three hours away from Fresno), it's in my favorite city, and it has freakin' cupcakes! And I have to say that I was very pleased. The place was packed, so myself and my GF @phuknuckle and my long time buddy @alexandritev took a seat at the bar. The walls were white with a simple menu above the cupcake case. at the bar, we had a view of all the little goodies put on the sweets: from candy to toys. After looking over the simple paper menu, I ordered their famous Red Velvet Chicken. OMG...that's really all I have to say. It was savory and sweet, and with a really crispy crunch. The cream cheese mash potatoes were a perfect compliment, although the cocoa cole slaw was a little odd (not terrible, just not my thing). I ordered a Shameless Cocktail with dinner: not too sweet but refreshing.

For dessert, I took advantage of the "cupcake flights", which are mini cupcakes with generous "tastes" of liquor (wine, beer). Although the shop provided some great options, I went with my gut and made my own mix. Red Velvet is my current favorite flavor and going with the theme, I ordered that with the chocolate stout: this pairing working really well. The second was the sweet muscat wine paired with the lemon cupcake: the muscat was tarter than most dessert wines I've had but worked well the gently sweet lemon frosting. Last was the super sweet butterscotch cupcake with the brut rose wine. I found that the butterscotch cupcake was best in very small portions (since it was so sweet!) and the brut rose helped tone it down greatly. Overall it was amazing. My GF ordered the "woopie pie" with chocolate icing and seemed to give it a thumbs up.

Overall it was an amazing experience. The food was amazing. I loved the 90's music playing in the background (I even heard the "Macarena"). The servers were polite and very friendly. I'm definitely coming back, and recommend it to everyone.

American Cupcake


  1. That sounds AMAZING! I'll have to stop there sometime. How were the prices?

  2. Prices were decent. Cupcakes were about $4; drinks $8; the "cupcake flights" (mini cupcakes and drinks) were about $16

  3. OMG, the whoopie pie was UN BEE LEEVABLE!!