Piggy Dolls: Too talented to be idols (MV, Live Performance)

These girls are outside of box, both with their figures and their talents.

I have to admit that when I first heard about "Piggy Dolls", I was incredibly taken aback. I thought "Is there no lengths that the Kpop industry won't go to exploit young artist?" Piggy Dolls may not be the kindest name, and it seems to be playing off their weight, which for two of the members seems to be quiet average to me. But if you set them next to the tiny frames of SNSD, you begin to see the stark difference. I was completely floored when I heard these girls sing! For new idols they are way too good.

Like the United States, I've come to believe that South Korea and the Kpop industry is just as obsessed with weight and looks. It's sad to say, but I believe these girls were chose strictly for talent instead of their looks, like unfortunately many girl groups are. But I'm not knocking girl idols, 2NE1 is another paradigm jumper and they are freakin' amazing, all with different body types but still in the range of fit to thin. But being in a idol group is a great way of being introduced to the world, it's lower pressure because it builds this sort of teeny-bopper image that is easier to maintain as opposed to "artist" (which implies a level of creativity and ingenue).

I don't believe the Piggy Dolls need the novelty of being an idol. First of all, it's below their vocal talents. Secondly, it just puts them up to be mocked for completely superficial reasons.

Their single, "Piggy Style" features their single "Trend", which deals with the idea that "big is beautiful", and the MV very sensitively shows girls who aren't very thin (but certainly don't fall under the category of "fat" to me) crying about the abuses they experience because of their weight. Obesity is a worldwide problem (thanks to technology and western food), and certainly anything to help young women feel beautiful just the way they are has my vote. However the video also shows the girls gorging on food. Really? It's insistive and sterotypical, as if that's all over weight people do is eat. They aren't sexual objects, they're funny. It's ridiculous, but perhaps it's the agency's way of making them seem accesible and test the water.

Either way, these girls can sing and dance. They have soulful voices that remind me of Jpop's A.I. and even some American soul singers. And their live performance is fantastic! I hope more than anything that they can be successful and help change the image of female artists. They probably won't, because lets face it, the industry is shallow. In a perfect world, they would be stars and make it so SNSD would put on some damn weight (because they have dropped more since "Run Devil Run" and they were freakin' cows in that MV o.O). Check out their amazing performance and MV here:

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  1. They rock! Who needs to be a stick when you have lungs like that?!