RitterTALK: 01/20/11 : Tea Party and the Jews

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    Welcome to the 1/20/11 episode of RitterTALK with the RitterFuhrer Andrew and Sister Sibling Sara. This weeks show focused a lot on the Tea Party and the later half was an argument to attempt to say good things about Sarah Palin which both myself and Sara found hard to do.
    Middle America this message is for you. As appealing as you find Sarah Palin, No. Bad Middle America. If I had a rolled up newspaper I'd smack you in the nose and rub your nose in it before sending you outside. This person is a failed politician who couldn't hack it in Alaska. She quit she's a quitter. Do you really want her as a role model. Bad Middle America bad.
    Rush, this is for you. Maybe you too need to take a step back now and again. I've listened to your show, sometimes it's funny I rarely ever actually take anything from it but hell it makes me laugh. I don't see the connection between the Tea Party being called retarded and the historic persecution of a race of people. I just don't see it. Also you Tennessee guy, thank you for proving my constant point that idiocy is not limited to Republicans/ conservatives that it's something that is spread out far and wide amongst political beliefs. All arguments are just 7 steps away from Nazis it seems now a days. The Israelis spent a good portion of the decades following world war two trying to keep what happened relevant and it seems to have utterly failed. As I've said before, Bush is not Hitler(he's a tard), Obama is not Hitler (he's a Muslim), Pelosi is not Hitler (she's a robot), and even Palin is not Hitler (she's a bigger tard than Bush). Being retarded is not the same as the death and persecution of well over 8 million people, remember it wasn't just Jews being killed though they got the worst of it. Stop trivializing it you dumb pricks.

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