The Time line of the Zombie

   The following is an estimated time line from bite to death to re-animation of the corpse into a full fledged zombie. This is just an estimate because there is no official study into this. This time line has been compiled based on reports many second hand and passed down as most first hand reports never come to light in print. We're going from belief that a carrier has already died and has now re-animated to pass on the fully matured Z Virus.

   Day 0.00: The victim has been bitten.
   Day 0.02: After just a couple hours the wound has become seriously infected, most doctors will sub-consciously ignore such blatant signs and just assume the attacker didn't use mouth wash.
   Day 0.06: The victim now is suffering from a high fever, cold sweats, discolored skin, head aches, vomiting and other minor symptoms.
   Day 0.14: Victim has now slipped into a coma, will have a rapid pulse and will be cool to the touch.
   Day 0.14- 1.00:   Somewhere in this period the victim has now died.
   Day 1.01- 1.12: Somewhere in this period the victim has now re-animated into a zombie and is fully capable of spreading the virus.
   Day 1-7: The zombie will "form" an initial "territory". If it manages to reach the end of the week it surly would have bitten other victims to form a small group or pack.
   Day 60: The zombie will now start looking more like the traditional media zombie hair falling out, eyes looking sunken, open wounds, possibly with broken bones. This will also depend greatly on the location and activities of the zombie.
   Day 90: The zombie will have now have formed a horde. If a zombie threat has lasted this long it's probably a class 3 or 4 outbreak. The zombie however would now be significantly slower and more decrepit. Bones will now surely be broken and even limbs missing.
   Day 180: The zombie is no longer capable of standing. If it still has arms it might still be able to crawl. Most zombies at this point actually lack the saliva necessary to passing the virus but can still be dangerous. Zombies that can't keep up with the horde will be abandoned.
   Day 230:  The zombie is now incapable of moving with the possible exception of it's jaws. If it still has limbs they lack the muscle strength to even pull it across the ground. At this point the virus that still resides in the thick blackness of the blood and in what remains of skin and flesh of the zombie will now take on a new role and start to break down the zombie.
   Day 275: The zombie is now gone with the exception of the bones and maybe what few bits of tattered clothing remain. The virus has gone into it's dormant state waiting for something to come along and pick it from the soil. The virus has the ability to remain dormant for many many years possibly decades.

   Zombies will not last very long. However their bodies are resistant to the processes that would decay a normal corpse but eventually exposure to the elements and the few bacteria still capable of eating away at the zombie will prevail. Time is the zombies greatest enemy.

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