Peaceful Rhetoric in Retarded Times: A Message to Righties

Because you have more sense than this.
To my fellow Americans, my brothers and sisters in this nation, we have a lot of differences, don't we? But something we can agree on is this: we are tired of all the hate speech passing on both sides of the isle. We are frustrated and sometimes it comes out in ugly ways. No one wants to agree and work together and it often seems better to be contrary just to spite each other. We are all hurting right now, everyone left and right is suffering from the recession. Can't we put personal arguments aside and get down to arguments about policy? It's healthy and necessary for our democracy to go on.

First off, let me just say that as a socialist, you guys have the entirely wrong impression about things. To begin with, Barack Obama is not a socialist or a communist of any sort. He's a true capitalist, and frankly isn't interesting in being a revolutionary leader. He would've done a hell of a lot more by now if that was the case. Socialist don't like him, and if they did by now they are sorely disappointed. Secondly, please stop listening to Glenn Beck. He's an uneducated hack. Socialism, Communism, and National Socialism (Nazism) are all entirely different. 

Secondly, you are better than this! Democrats are not just a bunch of rich, intelligentsia that poo-poo all of your homegrown morals and values. There are those, of course, but clearly the general populace of the left are hard working people just like you. Put aside the racism, the misunderstanding, and the temptations of getting angry instead of making a the better choice: amicable discourse.

We won't agree on everything, but debate is what democracy is based on. Instead of focusing on Pelosi being a crack whore, focus on policy problems. You hate the health care reform? Why? Talk about it, how could we fix it or better yet, how can we fix the economy? And lets consider the fears that the Tea Party and pundits are instilling in the right: communist take over. Really? The Communist Party of America was it's strongest in the 1920's. It has never recovered from McCarthyism and probably never will. Marx demands that communists be outspoken about their beliefs. I promise you there is no secret plot to destroy America and turn it into another USSR. 

The nation has suffered the loss of innocent life and a congresswoman almost lost her life in an assassination attempt at the hands of a madman. No one should take the blame for his actions, however it's time to knock off the watchdog language and the violent rhetoric. It doesn't solve anything and does it really make anybody feel better at the end of the day?

Can't we just all sit down and have a beer? Talk openly and honestly, see each other for the human being that we are. Together we can come up with some great ideas! We need to work together, even if we don't get along all the time, just like our forefathers did. They were diverse and fought violently at times, but when it got down to the zero hour, they were able to work out something in the form of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Let us join together now while we still can, before this country is split twain, and make the future generations proud while there is still a country to be had.

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  1. So brilliant! I wish the whole world could sit down and "have a beer". LOL :)